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CAI 777 started in the early 1990'ties creating their own acoustic view of a world where magick and industrialism melt together.Influenced by the early Industrial Bands like SPK, Lustmord, Soviet France and also by ethnic and religious/ritual music they soon found their own way melting a bunch of different styles together.
to describe the music of CAI 777 is not easy so here just a few ideas ...
"sinister electronic music for the decease of the cybercivilisation
"the audible link between industrial technology, dark ancient rites and mysticism"
"apocalyptic shamanic dances inspired by H.P. Lovecraft and blasphemic poems by Charles Baudelaire and the behaviour of human beings under extreme conditions..."

what others say about CAI 777 :

Zillo...with brachial rythms...hardcore guitar walls...hypnotic and in some smash hits like "Azag Toth" where complex harmonic strange tunes were executed...good for dancing
Aeterna No. 7...a wide spectrum of sound scapes of dark electronic music...
The Gothic Grimoire...pictures of monstrous machines all through the artwork of the project and without any doubt the listener to this record gets the feeling that this kind of music from CAI 777 where made exactly at these horrifying places...
Aeterna No. 8...hard crossover, dark ambient-surroundings, ethno- industrial and even modern dancefloor-elements were melted together on "Life/Death" to a 20 trax-conceptalbum, which is sheer unbelievable in its complexity...
unknown Fan...Sleepless nights await you, but "I Dream Of Dying " will accompany you through the darkest hours. Just don't leave the room - don't for God's sake twitch the curtain open.
You are safe. But for how long?